Friday, 13 December 2013

Party Skirts...

Ah, the holidays. It brings good cheer and plenty of ways to show it. One of my favourite things about the holidays are the wondrous excuses to get dressed up! And what is more fun than wearing a party skirt? Here are my picks for looking fab and festive this month!

        Skater skirts are huge this season. And it is a great thing that they are. They flatter everyone by having fullness in the skirt that in turn makes the waist look smaller. Being a pear shaped gal myself, I love a full skirt to balance me out. This one is in velvet and it is from Addition Elle and it is $29.99.

I could say that this skirt is a gem, but that would be an incredibly sad pun. Anna Scholz has a collection with Simply Be that is lower on pricepoint but is still high on style. This fantastic little number is on sale and can be yours for $45.00 compliments of Simply Be

Ah, sequins. My faithful holiday companion! Where would I be without you? I love how the black stretch panels make this look like a tuxedo skirt. Pair this with a cashmere sweater for a party and come Spring throw on a t shirt and a denim jacket and you have a cute date night outfit!
This skirt is by Mynt 1792 and is from Bloomingdale's for $132.83 CDN.

Jibri is easily one of my favorite brands. Why? Because the designer, Jasmine Elder is no stranger to a polka dot and her skirts are well cut and so well made, as are all of her clothes. This skirt screams party. Wear it while sitting under the tree and listening to swinging jazz. It is from Jibri and it is $120.00 USD. 

To quote my Grade Seven self, this skirt is all that and a bag of chips. Just cami, ecru silk floral brooch, vintage rhinestone clip-on earrings and a ballerina bun. Simply amazing and is from Blogger turned Designer Tanesha Awasthi. They are selling out quickly, but sizes come available frequently. The size run is from 8-24W. This will be in my wardrobe...oh yes. It is $145.00 and is from Tanesha Awasthi. 

Sheer layer? Check. Faux leather dots? Check. Understated fullness of the skirt? Check. Comfortable elastic waistband? Check. Yes, all of the boxes that make an amazing skirt have been checked. Our friends at Carmakoma have outdone themselves with this adorable garment. Buy now for parties but keep it for the upcoming wedding season in the summer and pair with dressy shirt and blazer and clutch. This skirt is $120.56 Euros and it is from Carmakoma.

It's the holidays! We all need a bit of flounce! This black skirt has an elastic waistband that makes it perfect for all of those decadent holiday meals and cookie exchanges that we go to! This skirt can take you places...pair with a sequin top for festivities, with a cashmere shell and blazer for work and with a knit top moto jacket for a night on the town. This skirt is from Penningtons and is $48.00.

Well, there you have it my lovelies! You may have noticed that most of the skirts I chose are black. I didn't do that without thought behind it. I figured that I can't be the only gal that is a messy eater and is guaranteed to drop a gravy soaked brussel sprout on to my lap. Black has your back! I hope all of your engagements are filled with laughter and joy. I know mine will be...and I will bring a tide pen or two!

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